Google Chrome Plans To Kill Third-Party Cookies Here’s What You Should Know

Google Chrome Plans To Kill Third-Party Cookies: Here’s What You Should Know

Google is coming up with a new initiative to remove third-party cookies from Google Chrome. This plan will be executed successfully by 2022. Google Chrome is a popular search engine and it has acquired more than 60% of total market share. Other search engine platforms are expected to follow the trend to kill third-party cookies soon. Apart from privacy, this could be a big move. Know more about these changes and their impact below.

Let us know more about these cookies again:

Cookies are a recent trend which users will observe when they visit most of the websites. A small notice will be displayed on the website that makes you agree to the cookies before the website loads completely. Cookies are an essential tool that stores user’s information on the website. Some users may find such cookies annoying as they follow the users around. Apart from these cookies plays an important role in pre-filling out contact forms or keeping your things in the online shopping cart.

Cookies are hence useful and essential internet tool without which you will need to re-enter login, search for old pages again and perform repetitive tasks which will hamper your online experience. Cookies are a piece of information to which the server sends or receives information from your browser. Such a piece of information is also available for apps. First and second-part cookies are the ones that are exchanged between browsers and host servers.

Whereas, third-part cookies are the ones which do not control your browser access. These cookies are partnered with other hosting sites to advertise, gather data and track user behavior. This, in turn, will be dangerous and can affect user privacy. Nowadays, many users will find search results that are personalized based on user searches, interest and browsing behavior. This is because of cookies. 

To protect the user’s privacy Google has decided to remove such third-party cookies from advertisers that hold your data. Google will not wave goodbye to all such third-party cookies as it generates revenue from ads every year. Not much is known about this new initiative by Google. Along with improving the user’s privacy, the company will still deliver targeted advertisements.

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