Add More Fish To Your Diet To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Add More Fish To Your Diet To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disorders are one of the major health concerns which are increasing the death rates. A proper diet enriched with nutrients is important to keep your heart healthy. It is a well-known fact that consumption of fish is beneficial for maintaining heart health. As fish-enriched diet is high in vitamin D and Omega-3 they hold good in preventing cancer and heart attacks. The results of the study are mixed but still, they show promising results as per researchers.

The study patterns show mix results stating the benefits and risks which means additional research should be conducted. The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard University. Around 26,000 male and female from the United States participated in the study conducted by the VITAL clinical trial. After conducting the study for 5 years the results have shown a positive outcome. The Omega-3 fatty acids popularly known as fish oil has shown a reduction in cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks up to some extent.

The consumption of fish up to 1.5 servings per week in your diet is beneficial. However, this limit should be followed. The benefits of fish consumption are now confirmed by meta-analyses of omega-3. Similarly, the presence of vitamin D in fish did not reduce major CVD events or cancer but they efficiently reduced the overall cancer mortality rate. The results of the study also matched with the vitamin D trial experiments.

The study will be presented during the meeting which will be conducted between September 25-28 in The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Annual Meeting in Chicago. Although it is tough to change your dietary habits, it is necessary for a healthy heart. How much an individual eats is as important as what you eat in your diet. Also, overloading your plate is not recommended as it may give rise to other disorders. Consumption of low-calorie, nutrient-enriched food is recommended over high calorie, high sodium, and processed food items.

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