DBM still bats for centralized gov’t procurement

Speaking at the Partners in Service 2023 appreciation for PS-DBM partner-merchants and suppliers, Pangandaman explained that with transformational initiatives and reforms at hand, she is confident that the “PS-DBM will only get marketplace surabaya better.”

“Centralized procurement is still more advantageous to the government and its people. Hence, I will continue to support PS-DBM while advocating for the restructuring of its organizational staffing and the amendment of the Government Procurement Reform Act which is already two decades old,” Pangandaman said.

These initiatives and reforms include the digitalization and the promotion of a sustainable procurement system through Green Public Procurement (GPP).

She added, a manual is likewise being crafted to guide procurement practitioners in embedding green specifications in Common-use Supplies and Equipment (CSEs).

Pangandaman also reiterated the need to amend the Government Procurement Reform Act.

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